You May NOT Need your Glasses Anymore! This Technique has Already Helped Thousands to Improve their Eyesight.

If we have poor eyesight, our usual resort is to wear glasses that could correct our vision. But apparently, this makes muscles around our eyes became lazy, making it weaker. That is the reason why we upgrade our lenses to thicker one. 

Many people are unaware that by simply exercising those muscles around our eyes, you can still have good vision. If your eye problem is not severe, it may not be too late to treat it the natural way. 

1. Take off your glasses

Take your glasses off and give your eyes a challenge to strengthen your eye muscles. 

2. Palming

Rub your palms together to warm them up, lay them on your eyes for 15 seconds, then take them off slowly.

3. Screen breaks

Give your eyes at least two to three hours of break from your smartphone, laptops, TV or any device each day. Give your eyes a rest.

4. Eye rinsing

Rinse out your eyes with warm water once in a while. A quick rinse will offer relief after staring at screens for too long.

5. Everyday eye relaxation

When watching TV, looking at your smartphone or working with a computer, give your eyes a break by looking up or into the distance every once in a while. 

6. Eye massage

Give your eyes a daily massage along the points marked out in the following illustration:

7. Figure eight

Draw a figure eight with your finger in the air and follow the finger with your eyes.

8. Vitamin A 

Start drinking some carrot juice and make sure to put a few extra drops of olive oil in your next salad dressing.

9. Eye rolling

Try rolling up and down your eye first, then switch to side-to-side. 

10. Accommodation

Training your eyes to make the switch between sharp and blurry images can also help to improve vision. Rotate your eyes in a clockwise direction. When you've done that a few times, switch to rotating them in a counter-clockwise direction.This will relax your eye muscles 

Source: Health Hacks 
Image: Essilor

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