Your Mouthwash Isn't Just Made for your Mouth. Know its Other Applications Here.

To keep our breath fresh, we always have a bottle of mouthwash in our restroom. But aside from gargling purposes, it has many other applications that could be useful for everybody. 

Here are the other uses of mouthwash that you could try:

1. As a disinfectant

Mouthwash could not just disinfect our mouth but also our home. You can clean your toilet by actually pouring mouthwash instead. It imparts a nice smell to your bathroom that even bacteria and fungi can be eliminated. 

2. Soothe mosquito bites

If you ever get an insect bite like from a mosquito, mouthwash can alleviate the itch. This will disinfect the bite area and will prevent you from scratching yourself. 

3. Reduce body odor

You can use mouthwash as an alternative to deodorant as soon as you run out of it without immediate replacement. Just pour a little bit of mouthwash into a small piece of cotton and apply it to your underarms. 

4. Prevent pimples

You can also apply the same thing to your skin to free it with pimples and blackheads. 

5. For your toothbrush

You can alsp disinfect your toothbrush with your mouthwash. So fill up a glass with mouthwash and dip your toothbrush in it overnight. 

6. Prevent dandruff 

It is also recommended as a way to prevent dandruff. Simply add a little bit to your scalp and wash thoroughly.

7. Eliminate nail fungus

Mouthwash is a great remedy against nail fungus. Just use it as a foot bath for 30 minutes.

Source: Health Hacks 
Image: All About Healthy Food

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